Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: Word of the Year

Happy New Year! 

Since today is the 'official' start to so many concepts, ideas and traditions~ I wanted to share what I am praying for in 2013. 

But first, a quick story...

My Aunt told me a few days before Christmas that I don't do anything inside of box. I look at the box, take parts of it {like the general structure}, but ultimately redesign it to make it mine. 

I feel like I haven't conveyed that to anyone outside of of inner circle if fear of rejection or disappointment. I don't even know who I was going to disappoint, I just new it would happen!  

I thought about that statement for a few days and feel like it is something that needed to change. Perfect timing I'd say!  

I did a lot of soul searching {i.e. praying, crying, logical thinking. complaining} over the past year. I had a lot of big decisions to make and in the last few days of the year, I feel confident in getting the go ahead to run as fast as I can after what I am chasing!

Which all lead me to my 2013 Word of the Year:

The word I choose for 2013 is Renewed. There are multiple meaning to this word, but the one that caught my eye was 'give a fresh life or strength to'. 

Fresh life or strength
That is what 2013 is about to me. 

I need to give my soul a fresh life and strength. I need to give my dreams a fresh life and strength. I need to give me a fresh life or strength. 

So, through out the year I will be sharing what this all means in detail. Like most, I don't want to put the cart in front of the horse!

As friends {we are friends, right?} I can tell you that 2013 involves:
  •  My own shop {see the sneak peek below!}
  • Growing my blog {I don't want to put a number on it, just that I want to grow!}
  • Non-profit organization idea {prayer for direction for this would be appreciated!}

Up first: My Shop. Did you notice the tab on my header? Right now, there is only a few earrings listed, but I have some amazing stuff in store for the Grand Opening on January 15th. 

Vintage Button Earrings... 

What is your word of the year? Goal? 
General direction to what you want your life to be like? 

Leave a link in the comments, because I would love to support you through your journey! 


  1. I love this! Love bug I am praying for you, your blog and your shop. xx Andee

    1. You are amazing & I am so thankful to have been 'introduced' to you... I know God has placed you in my life for a reason!

  2. My word for the year is Kindness. My goal is to be more kind every day. To be deliberately kind. And to spread that kindness wherever I go!
    Happy New Year!

    1. I love your word of the year, Jenn! Kindness is something that is so small, but it goes a long way! Have you ever hear of Ben's Bells? If not, you may want to check it out, because they are all about spreading kindness! http://bensbells.org/

  3. Mindy, how fascinating - a WORD of the year - I like that! Please keep us updated on how it remedies the things you feel need to be corrected over the course of this year (I can see that you already have a bullet list composed as targets) ... This, too, is my focus; I have also picked a saint of the year, this year.

    1. Hi Jeannee~ I will keep you updated for sure! I think I a going to make it a monthly update... Maybe more or less.. Depends on my mood! Happy New Year!

  4. It can be hard to share those parts of us. Heck its hard even realizing those kind of things about ourselves! I realized I am terrified of disappointing people. :( It has lead me to never wanting to make decisions (fear of making the wrong ones) and a lot of the time not pushing myself forward. :( It takes a lot to step out and away from that kind of thinking! But good for you for making it a priority to do so!!

    Im excited for you! And what you will do/become. Remember with God ALL things are possible! ♥ Hugs!!


    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement, Maria-Isabel! It is difficult, but necessary to grow! I am excited to see how God Renews me this year and the adventures we will go on!