Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kindness {A Small Word + Big Meaning = Amazing Actions}

Today's post was hard to write. Much like the events of our past, today is another day that will live in our minds forever. While my hearts go out to those who are effected in Boston, I don't want to dwell all the negative messages.

I am sharing an updated post from a few months ago. It is about 10 things you can do to show kindness to others.

Pay it forward. Once in a while I buy a $5 gift card at a drive through window and have the casher give it to the person behind me. 

Coffee Creamer. Sometimes all it takes is making sure there is coffee creamer in the refrigerator. 

A friendly smile. 

Flowers. Sometimes all it takes is a few flowers to brighten my day.

Hold the door open. Sometimes I wonder if this is a lost art. 

Clean dishes. That I don't have to ask someone to do a bunch of different times. 

Ben's Bells. Check out their website, because their mission is to spread kindness. 

Random food offerings... Like bagels in the morning. 

Fashion complements... Even on days when I feel like I got dressed in the dark, it is nice to hear that someone likes my shoes. 

People who give up a good parking spot to you, especially when it is the holiday season.

I know kindness is shown in different ways, all the time. It's a love language. People take and receive it differently. What are some ways you show kindness to those around you?

Next week, I'll share 10 facts about Autism.. If you have a charity near and dear to your heart, please feel free to share 10 facts about them! If not, then I'd love to see your list!

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