Monday, April 22, 2013

Light Up the Blue {MakeUp Monday}

For the past almost 8 years, I have spent my time learning from, working with and education those to have have intellectual disabilities. Primarily, I have focused on working with those who have Autism. 

Autism Awareness- Autism Acceptance
This month is dedicated to Autism Awareness. The Light Up the Blue campaign brings world wide awareness to Autism. Through out this week, I'm going to be sharing more and more from Light Up the Blue. 

First things first. I was able to find some free time in my schedule.. So I played with makeup! 

Light up the Blue was my inspiration and a work appropriate look was my goal. 

Autism Inspired Make Up

With naturally blue eyes I didn't want to over do the blue... So I used a combination of grays {light & dark}, white, light blue & black.  Looking back, I could have made both grey's darker.

Autism Inspired Make Up

All Over Lid {Light Grey- Radiant Cosmetics} // Outer Lid {Dark Grey- Ulta} // 
Brow Line {White- Pixi} // Top Lash Line {Dark Blue- Pixi & Black- SmashBox Eyeliner} // 
Bottom Lash Line {Light Blue- Origins & Black- Smashbox} // Mascara {Black-Origins} //

I kept the rest of my look simple, since I wanted to wear it to work. I also used SmashBox foundation primer for the first time and I loved it! Holy man- it made my face feel amazing and my foundation went on so much smoother.

As for the serious face- I can just say that I am working on it! I am person who smiles a lot, but I love the look to more serious poses. Don't worry, the silly pictures will come soon!

I also love all of the Autism Nail ideas floating around Pinterest! Or you could check out Jamberry's Autism Awareness Nail Wraps for a quick manicure.

How do you show support for your favorite charity? Make sure to check out how I showed my support on What I Wore Wednesday! 

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  1. Mindy, its so good to have you back for Makeup Monday! What a great way to show support and awareness for Autism. You look beautiful. And you know, I sort of like a more serious face (for makeup shots at least). But I noticed I do them a lot, and try to get a few smiling shots in too. lol ♥