Sunday, May 5, 2013

Revolt {Week 1}

Hi Friends!

I know I haven't been around much lately. I will have a post all about it this week. It's been a pretty hard post to write. And I have been pretty much avoiding it... But let me tell you some happier news!

Last week I started a Revolt- a exercise & diet program that is geared to help with changing lives. While I'm not looking to loose a lot of weight, I do want to live a healthier life. I have been looking for the right program for a while and I found it!

So every week, I will post about how much progress I made and give some updates. I will post my beginning measurements and updates from time to time, but I want to focus on the healthy choices I am making. 

This week was detox from sugar week. So I ate a lot of spinach, hard boiled eggs, chicken and bananas. Luckily, I love all of those things. Oh- I can't forget the gallon of water I needed to drink daily. The food wasn't so bad... The water did me in! 

I skipped the workouts, because I am still recovering from some sort of crud. I hope to get to those next week! 

I hope to have some more fun information next week! 

In full disclaimer, I was asked to be a part of the 6 week program. In return for my full opinions, I will receive a free membership to Revolt. All opinions are my own and I wouldn't write about anything I didn't believe in! 

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  1. I was the opposite... the water was easy, but the eggs totally killed me! Good luck on making it through week 1, hope week 2 treats you amazingly well!