About Me

Hello! I'm Mindy!

I am trying my hand at this big world of blogging. While I am a little intimidated (OK, a lot), but I am working past the intimidation. Why? I love learning how to write and how to reach people. I will make mistakes, but half the fun is learning from them. 

{A former student took this picture. It is my favorite. Ever}

While I have a lot of interest, I try to keep things pretty simple around here. I tend to narrow things down to: Family/FriendsCrafts/DIY, and Life in General. I also make a lot of Top 10 List on Tuesdays and free write for 5 Minutes on Friday. I write the same way I think {that's a unique thought!} and write from the heart. I love this post, To My 18 Year Old Self and this one about Someone Who Loves Home Depot

I love learning. I have been a student for so long it is in my nature. Since I am a teacher, it is something that come extremely naturally. I love my students and enjoy watching them learn new skills. It is hard work and there are days when I wonder why I was picked to walk this path. Then I look at the success and I know why I was picked to walk this path. You can read about My Life As A Student & A Teacher.

I am very close to my family. We are kind of like the family from 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding', but my roots are in the Southern Missouri and Arizona. We like to eat BBQ, tell stories, eat some more, and tell more stories. The later it gets, the more stories we tell. We love our history and being together.

You will also hear about Rene, the Boyfriend.  He is an amazing man, with a huge heart and laugh. He makes me {well, everyone} laugh for hours. We are figuring out life together, and everyday is an adventure with him. He loves to cook {which inspires me} and read comic books. We both love traveling and Disneyland. It took him one night to teach me how to use my digital camera. He is my heart. 

{Rene & I. That is one of our normal poses. sigh.....}

I am a child of God. I love him with all my heart and soul, all the time. I believe I have a relationship with him and that relationship needs to be fostered like all do. I also know that I come short of his glory everyday. I have made mistake. I shouldn't be where I am at, but he has given me so many opportunities to better myself. He loves me and I am worth more then rubies to him

{Here is my candid picture from Disneyland. Taken by one of my Best Friends}

I would love to get to know you! You can always e-mail me at MyLifeAsMindy{at}yahoo{dot}com. Find me on Pinterest or like me on Facebook!

I hope to chat soon!