My Discloser

My Life As Mindy's Discloser Policy:

Item Promotion & Affiliates:

I only promote content and items I love. Most of content featured I have paid for personally or really like the other person I am promoting. I only buy items I would want to share with others and only share content I feel is beneficial to my readers. The aforementioned also goes for my profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. 

There are some items I have gotten paid for, in return for a written post and to promote by other social media means. You can find all of those things under Product Reviews. I have only taken opportunities that I believed in or wanted to write about. You can see who I am affiliated with, via the buttons on my side bar. 

Regardless of means acquired, I will always give my honest opinion. No circumstances will influence how I feel about a item. 

If there is a item you would like me to promote for you, please e-mail me personally at MyLifeAsMindy {@} yahoo {dot} and we can chat about it! 

Commenting Policy:

I reserve the right to delete any comments that I feel are SPAM or hurtful to myself or others. I share personal stories and fashion post weekly, as well as other DIY projects and photography. My goal is to make this a safe environment for any and all people who would like to comment on my post. However, 'if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all!' 

My Sponsoring Policy:
I do accept paid sponsorships and button swaps via Passionfruit Ads. I also reserve the right to decline any type of Ad opportunity {paid or button swap} if I feel the other participating party doesn't have my or my readers best interest at heart. I do not tolerate violence, profanity, or other content that is deeming harmful or rude. 

As mentioned before, if you would like to trade ad space in trade for items to review or giveaway please e-mail me at MyLifeAsMindy{@}yahoo{dot}com. I will be happy to get to know you and figure out trade conditions & agreements. 

My Privacy Policy: 

I will not give any personal information away when I obtained {via a shop order or winning a giveaway}. It will be used for the purpose intended and then promptly deleted. I don't keep records of giveaway winners personal information. I do keep record of: what they won, first name/last initial, the date I sent their winnings and blog URL {so I can follow in your adventures also!}. I sell items via ShopLocket and they keep record of sales. This information is not something I will ever share with others. 

My Giveaway Policy:

If for some reason the same person wins the same item from 2 different giveaways, I have the right to offer to a different style or color {if it is earrings} or to give ad space during two separate months{if you won ad space for the same month}.  The winner does have the right to disagree, since it is their winnings. 

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